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The New New Trier:

And the interior HERE

New Trier '83 - 30 Year Reunion!

That... was... EPIC!



To hear the bands, click HERE

Click on the Pom Girls to see more photos!




Apparently we have a Fight Song:

Here's to our team, 
we're the green, blue & gray, 
and may we al-ways hail!
Fighting to win,
we are faithful and brave,
and may we ne-ver fail!
Join in cheers for our team, making his-tor-y!
Loyal fans of New Trier, we will al-ways be!
In all that we do, we are faithful and true,
singing rah rah for old New Trier!


New Trier Hockey Club

NT Green State Champions 2013, 2011, 2009, 2005, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1994, 1983

 New Trier Green National Champions 2011, 2010

 New Trier JV Illinois State Champions 2010, 2000

 New Trier East Illinois State Champions 1981

 New Trier West Illinois State Champions 1977



"Winnetka High School Girl" October 16, 1950.

Times have changed.


USDA Rolls Out New School Brunch Program For Wealthier School Districts

NEWS IN BRIEF • Breaking • Food • Health • News • ISSUE 49•17 • Apr 26, 2013


WASHINGTON—Declaring that every affluent child in America has the right to a well-balanced brunch, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the launch of a $40 million school brunch program aimed at distributing brioche french toast and smoked salmon to the nation’s richest school districts. “We found that 70 percent of students in wealthy communities were not receiving their recommended allowance of eggs Benedict and fresh-squeezed orange juice,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told reporters Friday. “Quite simply, we believe all children of privilege deserve a proper, well-composed brunch plate with complimentary jalapeno cornbread mini muffins and honey butter on the side. With this new program, we can finally begin to offer the superior culinary experience that until now has been sorely missing in school cafeterias from Greenwich, CT to Winnetka, IL to Palo Alto, CA.” Department officials said that if its brunch program proves successful, they remain open to the possibility of spending an additional $80 million annually to add live jazz music.


Still the best gyro. Anywhere. Ever.


Aug. 3, 1931
Elder Lane Beach in Winnetka
Aug. 29, 1969
The tower of New Trier High School in Winnetka is razed





Did you vote for "Trevian"?

  You've gotta be kidding me


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